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Lead Consultant

The Founding Director of Schoolhouse Consulting is Paul W. Bennett, Hons. B.A.(York), B.Ed.(Toronto), M.A.(York), Ed.D. (OISE/Toronto).

Dr. Bennett is a Halifax author, education professor, policy researcher and news commentator. Prior to completing his doctorate at the University of Toronto, Paul earned an Hons. B.A. in History and Political Science (York), a M.A. in History (York), and a B.Ed. from the University of Toronto. Over a career spanning four decades, Paul has taught high school history, authored three national textbooks, headed two leading independent schools, produced many policy papers and written or co-authored eight books.  His three most recent books are The Grammar School: Striving for Excellence in a Public School World (2009), and Vanishing Schools, Threatened Communities; The Contested Schoolhouse in Maritime Canada, 1850 -2010 (2011), and The Last Stand: Schools, Communities and the Future of Rural Nova Scotia (2013). 
Today Paul is primarily an education policy analyst and commentator, producing regular columns for The Chronicle Herald, The Globe and Mail, and The National Post and a variety of other publications. His most recent academic articles have appeared in The Journal of Sports History, Historical Studies in Education, Acadiensis, Canadian Issues, and the Royal Nova Scotia Historical Society Journal.   
Over the past seven years, he has produced major policy papers for the Atlantic Institute for Market Studies, the Northern Policy Institute, the Society for Quality Education, and the Canadian Accredited Independent Schools Association. He specializes in K-12 educational policy, education history, educational standards, school governance, teacher education, and special education services.  
Currently, Paul serves as Chair of the Board of the Halifax Regional Library Board, and Vice Chair of the Board at Churchill Academy, a Dartmouth school for students with learning challenges. 

Our Consulting Team

On each Schoolhouse project, Paul will play a central role, drawing upon the expertise of his extensive network of contacts and associates at all levels of Canadian education.