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Missing in Action: School Storm Days, Student Absenteeism, and the Workplace, The Atlantic Institute for Market Studies (AIMS)

Raising the Bar and Closing the Gap: Schools, Income and Student Success (AIMS)

Re-Engineering Education: Curing the Accountability and Democratic Deficit in Nova Scotia (AIMS)

Reinventing the Building of Schools: The Real Legacy of Public-Private Partnership (P3) Schools in Nova Scotia (AIMS)

After the Healing: Safeguarding Northern Nishnawbe First Nations High School Education (Northern Policy Institute)

E-Learning in P-12 Schools: What Are the Prospects for Disruptive Innovation? Atlantic Institute for Market Studies (AIMS)

Extending the Educational Lifeline: The Tuition Support Program and Its Benefits for Special Needs Students (AIMS)

Education on Wheels: Seizing Cost and Energy Efficiencies in Student Transportation (AIMS)

Picking Up the Pieces: A Community School-Based Approach to First Nations Education Renewal (Northern Policy Institute)

Maintaining “Spotless Records:” Professional Standards, Teacher Misconduct and the Teaching Profession (AIMS)

Reclaiming At-Risk Children and Youth: A Review of Nova Scotia’s SchoolsPlus (ISD) Initiative (AIMS)

Building a Bigger Tent – to Make Room for All Special Needs Children (AIMS)

A Provincial Lifeline: Expanding the Nova Scotia Tuition Support Program (AIMS)

The Sky Has Limits: Online Learning in Canadian K-12 Public Education (Society for Quality Education Canada)

School’s Out, Again : Why “Throw-Away School Days Hurt Students (AIMS)