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Schoolhouse Institute

The Institute, founded in 2010, is the education research arm of our consulting practice and produces policy papers that seek to raise critical public issues, to promote informed discussion, and to engage the public in education.

With Canadian education facing increasing challenges from elementary school to the post-graduate level, the Institute will have a clear mandate to focus on major policy issues, to host public education programs, to sponsor independent, authoritative research, and to produce relevant, viable policy options for public debate.

We offer public education programs in partnership with organizations committed to improving the quality of publicly-funded education, including provincial education authorities, school boards, policy institutes, faculties of education, and private foundations. 

Through our public events and research projects, we will strive to serve as a magnet to attract the best minds and to stimulate genuine breakthroughs in educational research. Our public education forums and conferences will seek to shape the education policy agenda across Atlantic Canada and beyond.

All of our programs and activities will aim to:

  • identify emerging education policy issues;
  • stimulate broader public debate over educational issues;
  • foster public-private partnerships and research initiatives;
  • initiate studies analyzing education trends, policies, and reform initiatives;
  • foster joint research projects drawing upon leading experts in the field; 
  • influence and shape the public agenda for education in Atlantic Canada.