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News Reports

Schoolhouse Consulting Director Paul Bennett is now called upon regularly for informed expert commentary on current educational issues. 
Here are a few recent examples:

  • . On School Board Accountability

Paul W. Bennett provided Halifax Chronicle Herald Education reporter Frances Willick with background information and news analysis comments on the October 2012 Nova Scotia school board elections and Bill 131, the School Board Members Duties Clarification Act.

♦ On the State of Online Learning:

The Globe and Mail's Kate Hammer filed a story (24 January 2012) on The Sky Has Limits pointing out that Canada's was lagging behind the United States in embracing online learning in our K-12 school system. Author Paul Bennett was interviewed on radio stations across Canada and the report generated a lively public policy debate in Canada, the United States, and the U.K.

  • . School Board Priorities: 

Edifices and Students: The Halifax Board's Move to Costly New Headquarters - in Halifax Magazine (September, 2010). The Afterthought Column sparked a Public Debate featured on CBC Radio's Mainstreet hosted by Stephanie Domet (Sept 14-15)

♦ On Specialization in Early Elementary Education: 
Forget Recess: 7-Year Olds to Choose their own 'Majors' – in The National Post, (August 11, 2010). The story led to a Live Public Debate on Prime-Time News,Access Alberta–TV, August 31, 2010.

♦ On Tourism History: 
Selling Nova Scotia Myths– A book review of Ian McKay and Robin Bates' In the Province of History (2010) in The Sunday Herald, (July 25, 2010) led to a lively discussion on

♦ On the Limits of School Principals' Authority: 
Halifax Principal Wrestles Student, Escapes Dismissal – in The Globe and Mail, (June 5, 2010) contained expert comment from Paul Bennett, a former Headmaster of two co-educational, independent schools.

♦ On the Ken Fells School Video Controversy: 
The Ken Fells Fiasco -- in The Globe and Mail (July 22, 2010)  The Call for a Provincial Inquiry – in The Chronicle Herald (June 9, 2010) fell largely on deaf ears.