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Commentaries and Informed Analysis

Facing a news deadline, trolling for possible feature stories, or seeking lively, informed commentary on the critical issues of the day?

Identifying emerging trends and issues in the world of education is our specialty. We are always on the alert for new challenges that will require fresh thinking. We maintain a constant policy watch tracking issues being raised in the popular media, professional journals, policy research studies, and government reports in Canada, the United States, and around the world.  You can count upon us to deliver timely, accurate news alerts and commentaries.

We pride ourselves on tackling complex educational matters and translating sophisticated ideas into clear, understandable language suitable for a wider audience. All issues are examined with an eye attuned to the importance of the background context.  We know how to entice readers, to tell compelling stories, and to make a convincing case.

Looking for an opinion piece, a feature article, a polished report, or a short commentary? We can respond to your immediate needs with sound, well-researched, persuasively written pieces or pithy, topical oral commentaries.  From our base in Halifax, NS, we take a particular interest in the educational scene in Atlantic Canada.